PJSC Rankings

Qualification for the European 2019 PING Junior Solheim Cup team began in January 2019 and consisted of 10 events across Europe, ending at the R&A Girls' Championship in Scotland in August. The top six players from the rankings earned a place in Mickey Walker's team, and another six were given wild cards.

2019 European Team

Pia Babnik (SLO) Rankings
Lucie Malchirand (FRA) Rankings
Benedetta Moresco (ITA) Rankings
Alessia Nobilio (ITA) Rankings
Mimi Rhodes (ENG) Rankings
Anne Normann (DEN) Rankings

Hannah Darling (SCO) Captain's pick
Annabell Fuller (ENG) Captain's pick
Lily May Humphreys (ENG) Captain's pick
Amalie Leth-Nissen (DEN) Captain's pick
Lilas Pinthier (FRA) Captain's pick
Paula Schulz-Hanßen (GER) Captain's pick

2019 USA Team

Rose Zhang, California
Alexa Pano, Florida
Zoe Antoinette Campos, California
Phoebe Brinker, Delaware
Briana Chacon, California
Amanda Sambach, North Carolina
Sadie Englemann, Texas
Michaela Morard, Alabama
Brianna Navarrosa, California
Lucy Li, California
Rachel Heck, Tennessee
Christine Wang, Texas

Please click here for the full list of qualifying events, qualifying criteria and history of the PING Junior Solheim Cup.