Our ambition

The partners of The Solheim Cup recognise the importance of protecting the environment, minimising climate change and helping showcase sustainability in action, at a global sporting event

That is why we are teaming up to address the environmental footprint of the event, as well as protect and promote Gleneagles’ outstanding nature.

Get involved 

Everyone has a part to play in making The 2019 Solheim Cup one of the most sustainable sport events in the world and one that we can all be extra proud of.  We are working to implement a number of Scottish Government priorities as we:

•    Reduce the carbon footprint 
o    Public transport, car sharing, using the efficient park and ride service, clean fuels and by engaging with local suppliers and contractors
•    Achieve ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’
o    Avoiding single use materials, making sure all materials are separated for re-use and recycling
•    Conserve nationally and internationally important habitats
o    Protect the 19 designated areas on Gleneagles Estate and the rare and iconic Scottish wildlife
•    Promote sustainability to more people
o    Engaging in, and promoting, green activities 

Actions and commitments to date

Gleneagles Resort
Gleneagles’ has a reputation as one of the most sustainably managed golf resorts in the world, as recognised through various awards and certifications, including the independently verified GEO Certified label for golf facilities that are fostering nature, conserving resources and supporting communities.

We are working with numerous suppliers and contractors to make sure that, collectively, we are reducing the use of water, energy, fossil fuel, waste, and carbon emissions across all key aspects of event staging.  We are also working to offer local, certified, organic, and healthy food and beverage options (in line with Scotland’s Food and Drink Charter), in addition to and use re-usable tents, grandstands and other infrastructure.

Outreach and Communications
Watch this space for more information about the collaborations and spectator engagement activities we’ll be rolling out before and during The Solheim Cup, and the post-event environmental and social legacies.

Our Sustainability Partners
We are working closely with the Scottish based GEO Foundation – a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing sustainability in and through golf around the world. Find out more at